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Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone.

This is the look I give when people tell me, “I will start going to the gym when I’m fitter”guilty051911

It should come as no surprise that once someone falls into a state of being ‘un-healthy’ there’s a certain change that needs to occur in their mindset in order to get out of it.

When we find ourselves unmotivated, not feeling well and in many instances in pain and discomfort on some level – finding the energy to change our habits is scary. This doesn’t have to be the case. Anyone at anytime has the ability to CHOOSE what they do in a certain moment whether is be the foods they consume, the session they decide to smash, only kind of put in or show up at all too or whatever it might be.

There’s a quote that I like that says “Everyone has 24hours, it’s how you use them that sets the successful people a part from the unsuccessful.”73d6022e355e640e227a29dda6e4f929

It saddens me that living a healthy, active lifestyle requires a “mindset” to begin with. It just be normal in my opinion… It should be common sense to want to lead a life where you wake without the aches and pains associated with an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle?

Our daily choices and actions (or more to the point our non-action) that show in our health and beyond. Without health as a foundation upon which you build your life, you’re only delaying the inevitable. When you don’t have your health, your family, relationships, career and just about every other thing else in your life suffers to a certain degree. So if you can just be honest with yourself, and if find yourself doing things each day which brings you further away from optimising your health and well-being, then have the balls to call yourself out on it and have a bit of a mindset intervention for yourself.

This blog, be it somewhat my own opinion, and for the most part a sweeping generalisation, I hope to help you guys take control of your headspace and truly blossom to your full potential.

So these are 11 different observations that I have witnessed regularly at some point or another in  my coaching and training career. If any of these 11 points hit a nerve and cause some pain or discomfort I do NOT apologise – you need to ask yourself why you feel that way before you comment negatively about the post.

Besides their healthy physiques and active lifestyles, generally speaking successful people think (and act) a heck of a lot differently than their sloth like, overeating counterparts.

1). Successful people see exercise as a way of life whilst on the other hand un successful people see it as a chore. Successful people wake up in the morning excited to hit their next workout or take the necessary action to bring them closer to their goal and can’t imagine what a day would be like without it. It’s a behaviour that’s as automatic as brushing their teeth in the morning. Now unsuccessful people on the other hand tend to dread the thought of exercise and see it as chore the same as vacuuming or mowing the lawn. So simply put successful people look at exercise as a way of life whilst unsuccessful people see it as a chore.

2). Successful people workout to improve themselves, unsuccessful people workout to get it over with. Successful people are always looking for new ways to get better, stronger, faster or fitter; they don’t mind doing some extra work to help improve their mobility or perfect their technique. Unsuccessful people tend to have one eye on the weights and the other on the door, the clock or their phone.  The workout can’t quick enough for them. They’ll rush through their sets with reckless form and not attention to detail just to get their shit done

3). Successful people are generally less afraid to fail whilst unsuccessful people will never truly give 100% of themselves to avoid disappointment. Successful people know that in order to succeed you need to fail every now and then. It’s the only way to know what your true limits are.  Unsuccessful people don’t ever give 100% because the fear of “not making it” holds them back from giving all of themselves.  If they set the bar low enough, they’ll never have to experience defeat.

4). Successful people look for opportunities while unsuccessful people look for excuses. Successful people will always look for new ways to push or improve themselves to get better results. A new training split or strength cycle will always arouse there curiosity. Where as unsuccessful people tend to look for excuses to stay in their comfort zone where that risk of failure is a t a minimum or to not train at all.  Too busy, too tired, too lazy, you name it and they have an excuse for everything.

5). Successful people will do whatever is required while unsuccessful people will do the bare minimum. Successful people know that hark work is required if you want to get the best results and they don’t shy away from it because they might get a little bit sweaty in the process they embrace it and make pain their friend. Unsuccessful people however always seek the path of least resistance which, when it comes to weight training, is a complete waste of time. Unsuccessful people are always looking for “short cuts” or “quick fixes” that in the long run will always fall over and fail.

6). Successful people persevere where unsuccessful people will quit at the first sign of struggle. Successful people have to overcome many training obstacles like injuries and plateaus to get the results they desire. Whereas unsuccessful people will generally quit as soon as their progress is hindered in any way shape or form. Didn’t lose any weight this week? I quit. My bench press didn’t increase? I quit.  “I pulled my hamstring doing sprints”. I quit. “I didn’t follow my diet this week”. I quit.

7). Successful people see exercise as prevention while unsuccessful people see it as treatment. Successful people use exercise to not only look good but to boost their energy levels and immune system, keep their mind sharp, and maintain a high quality of life. Unsuccessful people wait until “shit hits the fan” so to speak or for their doctor to put them on 7 kinds of different medication just so they can function before exercise crosses their mind. I’ve never seen the television show “The Walking Dead” but I witness it everyday in society.

8). Successful people see being fit as a privilege and a token of their hard work and healthy lifestyle, where as unsuccessful people tend to see it as a sacrifice (that they’re ‘mostly’ not willing to make). Successful people feel blessed to have such good health and strength. Unsuccessful people think they have to give up too much to get in shape and it’s not worth it to them. “No alcohol, no junk food, going to the gym everyday, what kind of life is that?”

9). Successful people focus on what they have to do while unsuccessful people focus on what they can’t do.You can and you will. It’s a “CAN do” attitude! Successful people generally aim for small goals in the gym where unsuccessful people will always set the bar way to high and tell themselves they can’t do it and therefore never make any progress or just quit altogether. For example, a successful person might set a goal to bench press 100kg but they know it’s not just going happen in their next session it’s going to take time, so they set smaller goals that move them closer to their big goal.  An unsuccessful person will tell themselves that they can’t do something or that it’s impossible before they start and then never leave the starting blocks.

10). Successful people take action whilst unsuccessful people sit around and talk about how they would like to get in shape. Successful people make a decision and then take the necessary action to get shit done. Unsuccessful people tend to complain about their poor state of health but never make any combined effort to change themselves.

11). Successful people focus on their own goals and effort while unsuccessful people let the opinions and actions of others discourage them. Successful people compete against themselves and only themselves in order to improve each day.  Unsuccessful people are generally too preoccupied with what everyone is doing around them which makes them feel inferior and destroys their motivation. As you can see, it’s not just about appearances, the difference between a strong body and weak one stems from your mindset . Change the way you think and you can not only become a physical specimen, but you can also achieve anything else you want in life as well.

Have a great day guys!


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