5 Fat Loss Rules That Live Up To The Hype

Let’s get straight to the point!

When it comes to nutrition most people don’t have a clue what to do to lose body fat, and it’s easy to understand when google spits out 125 million results for the search ‘Fat Loss Diet’.

Well we GUARANTEE that if you apply these 5 nutrition tips and guidelines you’ll get a body that will make you punch the air every time you catch a reflection of yourself!!!

Here They Are:

EAT MORE GREEN VEG: There is a saying in the fitness world: ‘If you want to get lean, you gotta eat green’.Make green veggies the foundation of your nutrition- they are what I call a free food, meaning you can have unlimited amounts. To get the amazing benefits of these fibrous vegetables we recommend you have half your plate full of a variety of green leafy veg with every meal.








EAT MORE PROTEIN: Protein plays such an important role when building lean muscle. Studies prove that when you have a high protein diet you are generally less hungry and can help in lean muscle gain resulting in a lower body-fat %. We recommend 2g per kg of bodyweight for females and between 3.3-4.4g per kg of bodyweight for males.

EAT MORE SMART FATS: Fact: Good, smart fats do not make you fat! Smart fats such as avocados, organic butter, coconut oil and raw nuts help you control your appetite, and stabilise your blood sugar levels, which will actually burn body fat.

CUT OUT ALL GRAINS, GLUTEN, WHEAT (ANY PROCESSED CARBS): Carbs such as wheat raise your blood sugar level very fast in the same way plain sugar does. When this happens our insulin levels go up and that tells our liver that food intake is meeting energy requirements. So a process in our body that uses fat for energy (known as lipolysis) shuts down. From there any excess carbs are stored in our body- which we call FAT!

EAT THE MEAT & NUT BREAKFAST: Made famous by Coach Charles Poliquin, this is one of my favourite tips when it comes to nutrition. Eating a breakfast of meat and nuts will slowly raise your morning blood sugar levels rather then the big spike of cereal or toast most people have. It also raises neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mental clarity, focus and drive…all the things we need first thing in the morning!

If you put these 5 strategies in place, your dream physique is just around the corner. But how should you train and what should your personal nutrition plan look like?

Eating is a very individualised approach when it comes to specific fats, carbs and proteins. Training should be based on your targets whether it's wanting to drop body fat fast or increase muscle mass.

Understanding these key factors is vital for guaranteed results.

Nath Martin

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  • Chiz Wei Xuan

    October 22, 2015

    Nice. Anyway I sign up the 7 days free trail, I just want to ask that whether can I decide to continue the program or to stop the program?

    • Harley Johnson

      October 29, 2015


      Yes you can definitely choose whether or not you wish to stay on the program at the end of your trial.