5 Foods You Must Eat!

fit man and womanIf you are looking to build quality lean muscle and get a defined chiseled physique then you need to be able to achieve optimum levels of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that does a lot more than just influence our sex drive. However females have testosterone as well the same as males have estrogen. To achieve the best results for both men and women we need to establish balance between these two hormones as they are both hugely responsible for our results. Testosterone is responsible for bone and muscle health in both men and women, production of sperm in men and healthy hair. Testosterone is arguably the most significant anabolic (muscle building) hormone in the body. Which is why it is so important that we eat and perform like our primitive, caveman ancestors and eat the following foods as part of a balanced nutrition plan.

1). Cruciferous vegetables (i.e Cabbage, Cauliflower,Broccoli, Bok Choy & Brussels Sprouts) – It is not there ability to boost testosterone that puts them in the list they work slightly differently. They are known as the ‘kings of the veggie patch’ as they actually help to eliminate the estrogen hormone in our blood making way for testosterone levels to soar. This is achieved by a chemical called indol- 3 carbinol that is concentrated inCruciferous vegetables.Kohl 009

Now girls don’t worry!! READ ON and you might be surprised!

Estrogen, as I am sure you know is the female sex hormone. Its presence in both males and females has increased since 1950 and particularly since 1980. This increase is due to the increased use of the female contraceptive pill. Some of the estrogen contained in these pharmaceutical products is eliminated in the excretory system. This has caused a decrease in testosterone levels, which in men leads to an increase in female characteristics while in females it can unsettle the menstrual cycle. As testosterone influences muscular growth so highly, anti-estrogenic diets are extremely popular with bodybuilders. This natural part of the ageing process can, however, be fought. So girls don’t worry about reducing your estrogen levels! It will help to prevent breast cancer, help you to age better and on top of all of that estrogen has also proven to have a significant influence on mood. Therefore an anti-estrogen diet can also help increase emotional well-being.

2). Coconut – This testosterone booster can be implemented in many ways into our food preparation in order to receive its benefits. As a source of saturated fat Coconut aids the production of testosterone as well as fulfilling our daily fat intake needs.pom

3). Pomegranates – Are great for providing anti-oxidant rich juice that has been shown in studies to assist impotence and increase male sex drives as a result. That feeling transcends into our training and when you feel good, you lift good!

4). Avocados – The ancient Aztecs prized avocados as they showed to improve vitality and sexual prowess in men. Modern science proves them right demonstrating how avocado lowers cholesterol levels and improves blood flow. In moderation avocados are perfect for balancing a diet previously high in monounsaturated fats.

5). Beans – The musical fruit the more you eat the more you… We know where this goes.  Beans including white, kidney, and black beans are all excellent sources of vitamin D and Zinc. In addition to this they also contain plant based proteins as well. They aid heart health, production of testosterone and therefore increases in quality lean muscle mass.

Get on it guys!

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