Are You Training?… Or Are You Exercising?

Are you training?… Or are you Exercising?

They’re pretty much the same thing right? WRONG! If you think the two are the same then chances are you are probably hindering your results.

Now don’t get me wrong their can be similarities and both are beneficial to your health but when it comes to getting results and I mean RESULTS, building hard muscle and shredding body fat taking your physique to the next level you need to TRAIN!

What’s the difference I hear you ask? That is exactly what we are going to talk about and hopefully get you to transition from exercise to training.1fd7d989fa9cd200_shutterstock_109082192.jpg.xxxlarge_2x

The biggest mistake most people make when they start out on their body transformation journey is they think starting and making a few changes is enough. Getting up going for a walk, or going to the gym jumping on some machines, lifting some dumbbells and finishing with some sit-ups is going to get them to the chiseled Adonis that turns heads on the street…. Well it’s not, you’ll be lucky to shift a couple of Kg’s for your time and effort because you are just exercising!

Just like everything in life you need a plan to get you to a destination. If your going on holiday you don’t just decide to get in the car and start driving and hope for the best? NO, but that is exactly what we are doing when we go to the gym without a plan of attack and this is the key difference between training and exercising.

Exercise is moving with a lack of real direction, it’s hoping simply by doing more than you were before or adding something new in that you will get results. Training is when you have a clear plan, a periodised program and a plan of attack with a desired outcome from every single workout.

You know exactly what you have to do and exactly how to do it, nothing is left to chance and you will leave the people that are still exercising for dead.

I see people exercising all the time that think they are training, they go to the gym and think they have a plan because its chest day or leg day. They stroll around the gym jump on whatever bench or piece of equipment that is available do a few sets, with no designated reps, tempo or rest periods and 6 weeks down the track they are doing pretty much the exact same thing. The order may have changed due to a different bench available at the time, they wonder why nothing has changed. It’s because they are EXERCISING not TRAINING. You never hear anyone saying they are going to footy exercise or soccer exercise…arnold-blueprint_day18_graphics-1

They go to footy training & soccer training, this is because the coach has a plan to develop the unit into the best team in order to win! Enhancing skills, plays, fitness and tactics as you progress through the season. They don’t do the same training session every Tuesday and Thursday they adopt, change and adapt as the team progresses.

Why should the gym be any different? Why should you sell your self short with exercise when you could be training?

If you are currently exercising well done that’s great that you are doing something to better your health, but if you are serious about getting results you need to train!

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