Ditch The Scale

Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

Close to every single day I speak to someone that says “I want to loose weight”, “I want to drop 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs” or “I’m sticking to my plan but not dropping anything on the scales”. It seems everyone is obsessed with weight and wanting to change it.

My first response is why does the number on scales matter? Why do you have a target measured by kilograms? I generally get a confused stare back, which suggests the person is thinking WTF? Did he really just ask that? Followed by “Um… Cause I’m trying to loose weight”.

And that to me is a major problem or maybe just a miscommunication, because unless you compete in an event where you have to make a weight class eg. Boxing or bodybuilding, you should throw your scales out the window.

Whscales-in-binat you should be focusing on is fat loss. Wait a minute… fat loss – weight loss same thing right? WRONG.

Look at it this way, the reason why most people want to “loose weight” is so that they can effectively change the shape of their body as they aren’t happy with the current shape they are in.

You want to rip up through your mid section, firm out through the legs or add definition to your arms. Not one of these goals has anything to do with weight loss.  In fact you can achieve all of those goals without barely dropping a single digit on the scales.

That’s right, we can change the shape of your body by decreasing your body fat without loosing any weight. This will also allow us to keep your food intake at a maintainable and healthy rate, rather than starving yourselves. This will help to increase thyroid output, manage insulin and balance other hormone responses.


How do we are drop body fat and not weight?  By training effectively to build lean muscle mass. Adding lean muscle mass makes our body more efficient at burning body fat.

You are going to be dropping the unwanted fat whilst building muscle at the same time, so your actual weight won’t move to much. However you will be changing your body composition dramatically, smashing down notches on the belt in record time.

So why do we get so caught up in what the scales say? When realistically you can loose weight and not change your shape at all. You can drop 5-10kgs but just look like a slightly smaller version of what you were before. Simple, because society tells us to care about our weight.

Your friends and colleagues will automatically ask “how much weight have you lost” and if you reply less then 5kgs, they will talk down your actual results. As they are too ignorant and stupid to realise the incredible changes happening off the scales.

So my challenge to you is to change your perspective, throw the scales away, focus on loosing that body fat and creating a lean athletic physique.

Go get it guys!


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