Drink Yourself to a Better Body!

Alright crew listen to this! I have some interesting facts that might make you stat drinking the way you should be!

Now this may come as a disappointment to a lot of you but I’m not talking about alcohol here guys  am, talking about water! It’s getting hot guys this is the most important time of the years to start getting your hydration in order!

If you are one of the people who carry around a 4L Bottle of water every where you go then you’re on the right track? If you’re not, then I have some interesting facts that might lead to you’re evaluating your hydration levels!.

I’m not saying that you need to carry 4L of water around everywhere, but I do want you to take a good look around the gym next time you are there. Look at the people with the biggest and leanest physiques and I’ll just about guarantee what they’ll have with them… You got it, a massive bottle of good old H2O. They might not necessarily know the great importance of the water they drink, but by the end of this blog you are going to know some of the most vital roles water plays in the body.


Water is an essential nutrient even though it is generally left out of discussions in regards to your body’s nutritional needs. Muscle cells just so happen to be one of the cells with the highest water content. Your body’s need for water is second only to that of oxygen … So you will agree that it’s pretty Important yeah! Water is used in the body like building blocks, a lubricant, solvent, and it helps to regulate your body’s temperature. It is used by the body as a solvent and after digestion, water and blood are the means by which nutrients are carried to your cells and wastes are removed.


Now we’re going to run through how does water helps your training and performance in general.

Water like mentioned before actually serves as a building material in every cell, and muscle cells just so happen to be one of the cells with the highest water content. 70%! Water also lubricates your joints. This is especially helpful to those lifting large amounts of weight, running, or any other high impact exercise.

Water also plays a vital role of removing heat from the body. This therefore leads to less fatigue in any intense strength and cardiovascular program. Water also plays a massive role when dieting to help you lose that annoying unwanted fat. In order to lose fat efficiently, you must drink copious amounts of water. Restricting water can lead to a few problems in terms of the functions and appearance of your physique and health. Restricting your water intake actually causes your body to retain more water. This can reek havoc on a dieter’s mind mistaking the extra fluid retention for fat.

Studies have also shown restriction of water actually increases fat retention. Due to its role in the removal of waste and transportation of nutrients, your body will perceive the lack of water as a major stress. One of the body’s defence mechanisms during major stress situations is to hang on to fat and water.


How much water should you drink per day? I personally drink up to three to four a day. For people who are not used to drinking a lot of water should first start out with drinking 1.5-2L a day and slowly progress from there. It sounds like a lot I know but if you just keep sipping all-day it will be done in no time. You should drink most of your water before, during, and after your workout anyways.

As the weather is starting to get a bit hot and humid, make a conscious effort to increase fluid intake. Don’t wait until you are thirsty, if you rely on thirst you will only be replacing 50-70% of the fluid you have lost. A good self-monitoring method of your state of hydration is to look at your urine. A dark gold colour means you are dehydrated. A pale yellow or clear colour means you are starting to dehydrate when it’s fairly clear you’re hydrated.


You might want to limit or even cut out caffeine and alcohol because they dehydrate you. On the other hand scientific studies have shown that when the muscle cell is super hydrated with water, it can trigger protein synthesis causing an anabolic (muscle building) effect.


Go and get yourself a tall glass of water and start hydrating your muscles and body. And you will find yourself with more energy and less fatigue. Being that the best way to remove water underneath the skin (Edema, which can blur muscle definition and make you look smooth) is to drink more water, you will find your physique, skin, and performance getting better and better. Stay healthy, train hard, train smart, and DRINK THAT WATER!

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