Goal Setting: A Guide To Conquer Results

Action vs Outcome

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 1.34.44 pmWhen you are going through a body transformation and making some huge changes to our lifestyle it very easy to get caught up in the superficial responses instead of correcting the process, worrying about the numbers before creating the habits.

It is great to see the scales dropping or body fat % decreasing and it is important to track and measure your outcomes BUT is this where your attention should be directed entirely?

Is it more important to focus on setting goals from an OUTCOME or should you be looking at setting ACTION based goals?

The answer is both!

The key is in knowing how to use both sides to get the best from yourself, keep yourself motivated, on track and smashing results. When you start focusing on our short term action based goals to get to our desired outcome.

You see by setting and creating behavioural habits this will put us in a position to get a great response from the body and get the best results.

Ok so maybe I have confused you a little between the Action and the OUTCOME so lets give an example of how this all can look and benefit you. Lets say you want to loose 10kg’s. Now essentially the OUTCOME goal would be to loose 10kg’s right?

take-actionBut is there an ACTION goal to that? NO! This is where the importance of the ACTION goal takes place as there are many ways to go about loosing weight. If you get to caught up in the numbers a couple of things will happen either you reach the outcome in a negative way i.e restricting calories or through another means that is not maintainable. Which will result in a rebound once you can no longer keep doing what you’ve done. Or not reach it at all because you don’t know how to get there.

So set an ACTION goal to create a new behaviour to in still a lifestyle change. Our action goal could be something as simple as training 4 times every week and prepping your meals a day in advance for the next 2 weeks. By hitting this goal you are creating a habit, something that is maintainable, easily monitored and is definitely pushing us towards your long term outcome of dropping 10kg’s in a positive way.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 1.45.33 pm


The best thing about creating action to develop an outcome is we now have a plan of attack. We know by taking action we will get results, by instilling and reinforcing better behaviour we are making a change. There’s no need to beat yourself up if the scales aren’t moving as quick as you want them to you know you are on track because of your new behaviour.


So set ACTION goals to influence behaviour that will put you in the right position to achieve your desired outcome. Reach out for help from the right people that know the action to take. And finally reward yourself for achieving your action goals and making positive change regardless of your superficial outcome.

Get to it guys!


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