How to Achieve Every Goal You’ve Ever Wanted

Training is senseless without a goal or an outcome. Goals give our minds a target, something to direct our passion, motivation and focus to until it is achieved. If you are serious about changing your health and fitness then you will most likely have a few goals in mind already. However there are a few things you need to consider when you’re setting your goals. In today’s blog we are going to teach how to own your goals and stay you committed to them, we’re going to give you strategies to help you achieve your goals quicker and finally show you how to take action now!the-rock

First of all you need to think about why you have set these goals for yourself? Are they personal to you or is there some outside influences that are making you think these goals are expected of you? Our environment and our social interactions tend to shape our idea of what is considered healthy, physically ‘fit’, ‘attractive’ and ‘appealing’. It can be demoralising to commit yourself to a standard that is set by marketing, fashion, media and/or social trends.

Your ideal body and performance should be one based on how you alone want to look, feel and the quality of life you want to lead. No one will pursue a goal that belongs to another person, interest group, or society in general as passionately as they do their own so ignore all outside influences and focus deep down on what you really want to get out of your physical exercise. Owning a goal is powerful and means the outcomes are better felt as you did it for yourself.

You need to strategise and develop systems or habits that are going to keep you accountable and motivated to achieving your goals. One of the most effective ways of making a goal real and sticking to it is by sharing it with others who will encourage and support you along your journey. You should share your goals with people you feel comfortable with and who you have daily interactions with. The reasoning behind this is seeing them regularly allows them to remind you, ask and challenge you on your goals and keep you accountable to reaching them. When we hit slow patches or have limited progress outside support can be what turns it around into tomorrow’s success.

Secondly ensure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based. With any sort of body transformation small goals, that are able to be achieved in realistic timeframes all ad up to you achieving your end goal. There is a fine line between setting the bar too low, and raising it too high. To counter this break down your goal into weekly, monthly and yearly blocks and see how you need to allocate your time, and what you need to be doing at or by certain times in order to reach them.objectives

So once you have set your goal. Make sure you own it and share it with others. Strategised your plan of attack to the finest detail and pumped up for your next session to put you plan to action. The final step is exactly that… Taking Action! Prepare everything you need the night before your next big session or when beginning a new training program in order to destroy your goals and succeed in whatever it is you’re after. All change is met with initial resistance so preparation is key to overcoming any obstacles along the way. Training should never be a chore, prepare your food, prepare your water bottle and towel and prepare your mind remembering why these goals are so important to you.

Game on! Coach Harley.

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