How to Detox Your Body Properly

Rapid Detox, cleanse, fat blast all these buzz words used by big companies to try and flog their shit products that generally end up leaving your body in a worse position than when you started it. This then gives you a negative perspective towards those words, however you should not be negative towards the process.


Now I’m against all these quick fix commercialised shit that ruins people’s physiques, but I am a huge fan of detoxifying the body. A correct detox can help clean your body of dangerous toxic waste (which accumulates in our body), that is a direct result from either the food we eat or environmental factors. A detox phase will lead to great benefits and awesome results.

Our 7 day detox plan will not only help rid your body of these toxins, it will also improve your digestive health and put your body into a more alkaline position. Benefits of our 7 day detox include; a boost in energy, less harmful toxins in the body, weight loss, increased immune system, clearer thinking and all round awesomeness!

When you have completed a detox the most important thing is to keep the body alkaline and minimise toxins afterwards. If your body is in a more alkaline position (rather then being acidic) it will help with proper digestion, reduce inflammation in the body, improve oxygen uptake, help balance hormones and continue to detoxify itself. Allowing you to not only perform better but get rid of that stubborn excess fat.

Good ways to keep the body alkaline and help rid the crap include:

  • Eating a truckload of green veggies
  • Keeping on top of your daily water intake
  • Supplementing with a daily greens shake
  • Using an infra-red sauna to really help take you to the next level

So scrap the quick fix lemon diet for a properly implemented detox and follow up to help rid the rubbish and boost results.

Get into it guys!


Detoxifying the body is only a small part of nutrition, to get the best results you need a comprehensive training and nutrition plan.

Do you want your personal nutrition and training blueprint to epic results, plus have 1 weeks worth of Personal Training at our Newcastle training studio? Simply fill out the form below and lets get you those awesome results! 

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