How To Get Motivated RIGHT NOW!

Ever wondered why you can’t get the results you want?

I mean you train hard, think your nutrition is pretty good but still your falling well short of where you want to be while others around you seem to be achieving success with ease.

In the video below we’re going to shed some light onto what’s holding you back from achieving your best body and by completing a few simple exercises how you can get back on track.

Make sure you grab a pen and paper because you’re going to learn how to tap into unlimited motivation and achieve every goal in the gym you’ve ever wanted. Don’t believe me? Watch the video, complete the exercises and find out for yourself.


Make sure you pause the video when prompted and complete the activities below.

1) Write a clear, specific goal/outcome with a due date.

2) Write a huge list of what it has cost you in the past not having this result. What is it costing you now? What will it cost you in the future if you don’t achieve this goal?

3) List 100 reasons why this is a MUST for you. Why do you want to achieve this goal.

4) Now imagine you have already achieved this goal. What has changed in your life? Who are you? What positive impact has this outcome made in your life? Step inside the shoes once you have achieved the goal.

5) Create your action plan.

6) The most important step: Condition your mind.

IMPORTANT: You now need to read your answers every morning and before you go to bed. This will give you focus and keep you moving forward towards your goal. Remember wherever focus goes, energy flows.

Nath Martin

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