How to Make Your Protein Shake Epic!

Bored of bland old protein shakes?

Here are 3 simple, clean and nourishing ingredients that you can add to your post work-out shake to make it taste delicious.

For those who compliment their weight training and nutrition with a post workout shake, we can all agree that flavour isn’t always the strong point of these products. On the contrary in order to avoid additives, sugars and artificial flavours the best health supplements forfeit flavour to preserve quality. So lets satisfy your tastebuds with ingredients that maintain the quality of your shake but are freaking tasty as well.

  1. Cacao (ka-cow) – the raw cacao bean is natures gunpowder packed full of minerals and a wide array of unique properties. An important distinction is cacao and cocoa are not the same thing, the later being the processed form of the original source. Cocoa only has a fraction of the benefits of Cacao. Under the microscope Cacao has a wide range of benefits so valuable it has been in use for 4,000 years and was even used as a currency in pre-Columbian America. One of these benefits is that Cacao reduces blood pressure as shown in a 2010 study in the British Journal of Nutrition. The study showed participants receiving cacao-containing chocolate enjoyed a reduction in blood pressure. Secondly it improves mood and vigilance, cacao is rich in theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine. It is thought this is the reason why cacao has energising, mood elevating properties. If that doesn’t sell you guys then guess what? It makes everything dark chocolate flavour… my favourite!
  2. Cinnamon – this spice is great in small quantities. Turn your chocolate post workout shake into a zesty milkshake that smells and tastes great as well as reducing your blood sugar levels. No more than a teaspoon per serving, as high amount of cinnamon can have negative effects on the body.
  3. LSA – the benefits of LSA have been reported by health professionals for a number of years now. One reason it is used is to assist cleansing and detoxing the liver which plays a very important role in the body. The liver is the cleanser and filter of the bloodstream, it regulates fat metabolism and makes HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) which acts as a scavenger and carries the LDL (bad) cholesterol back to the liver for processing. The liver also secretes bile which breaks down and removes excess and unwanted fat from the body. So it makes sense that our Post Workout shake should be giving a boost to this vital process especially when our body is repairing. Add LSA for a dose of fibre, protein as well as essential omega 3’s and fats and oils. It will thicken your shake so use ice, a blender and a little almond milk till it reaches your ideal consistency.

There you have it guys 3 simple yet powerful additions that are readily available at your local supermarket. Enjoy!


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