How to Start Your Day

Want to know the absolute best way to start your day? Not only to give you sustained energy throughout the day but also set yourself up to burn fat all day long! Eat a high-protein breakfast to loose fat and keep it off.  Research shows that you can loose a heap more fat and avoid regaining it if you have a high-protein, low-carb breakfast rather than skipping it altogether or by eating a high-carb breakfast. Also eating breakfast before working out will allow you to burn more fat during your workout and achieve a greater post-workout calorie burn.

IMG_55631Breakfast is critical, you should follow it up with frequent small meals every few hours for optimal body composition. Favour high-protein, healthy fat whole foods and limit your carbohydrate intake. Make sure you always eat before training, avoid intermittent fasting, to ensure maximal focus, drive, and fat burning for optimal performance.

The reason why high-protein breakfasts are so effective is that they produce an extremely steady, gradual rise in blood sugar and insulin levels that is sustained for a longer period of time as oppose to a higher carb meal. The effect is a more balanced supply of glucose to the brain and muscles, which produces better cognition and athletic performance.

The Meat and Nut Breakfast

Eating meat and nuts for breakfast is one of the top dietary habits you can form to build muscle, get leaner and feel better. The first thing you eat in the morning sets up how you feel for the rest of your day because the nutrients in food sets up a cascade of physiological effects, including:

    Neurotransmitter production for optimal brain function and energy production.

    Hormone modulation keeps you energised but calm.

    Blood glucose (sugar) regulation prevents food cravings and keeps you satisfied.

Protein synthesis and tissue repair for best results from your training.

img_0270The meant and nut breakfast is a hard on to get used to. So to make the meat and nut breakfast work for you, make sure you rotate your meat regularly. Lean beef, kangaroo, pork, lean turkey, lean ground beef patties, chicken breasts, and cold water fish are some of the best sources of protein and nutrients. Pasture-raised (free range) protein is the best muscle-building food because it has way more nutrients than “caged” protein. This is because they are more athletic, have more varied diets and therefore have a greater muscle mass. They are also higher in omega-3 fats, contain less total fat, and also help to fight cancer. Also, they aren’t packed with growth hormones and antibiotics.

Eat a variety of different nuts with your meat. Don’t over do your nut intake, a handful is all you need because nuts are packed with energy. Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts have all shown better health outcomes in a number of different studies. Get raw or organic nuts whenever possible, and watch out for nuts roasted in corn, cottonseed, and other unhealthy oils.

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to breakfast is understanding that a high-protein breakfast from animal sources is your best choice because it will be far more satisfying and lead to less hunger than a carb filled breakfast. It also boosts brain function by providing a steady stream of glucose to the brain, an effect that will benefit your physical performance in the gym as well during the day. Another benefit is that lower balanced insulin levels allow for the insulin receptors in your brain to become more sensitive and responsive.

arnold-squatMake sure to rotate your proteins for breakfast (beef, pork, fish, eggs, and poultry.) Opt for pasture-raised, organic, free range meat as much as possible. Pair your meat with nuts, green vegetables, berries or other low-gi fruits to fuel your body and brain.

It can be hard to adjust to the meat and nut breakfast with most Western diets consisting of either bread or cereal, but nothing in life comes easy. To get the best results you need to get on the meat and nut breakfast! Remember “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”

Go get it guys!


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