How We Grow

The stages of adaptation:

For any living organism change can be achieved through both nutritional and physical stimuli that follows intricate and specific planning. Which gives the organism the ability to change in order to survive its environment otherwise known as adaptation.

In the case of the human body, adaptation is what allows us to grow back harder, better, faster, stronger. In order to achieve this you need to follow a specific, periodised training program consistently for a duration of 4-6 weeks to stimulate progress.

Sounds technical doesn’t it?.. It’s actually quite simple once you understand how your body responds and adapts to change. There in no one single rule or formula that works for everyone, so you must identify which ones work for you then apply them and watch your body adapt and respond to them.arnold-blueprint_mass-training_graphics-3

As Phil Learney states: “We must, at all times, assess and correct our methods of adaptation to prevent stagnation, and evolve nutritional practices as the body changes and alters the way it manages metabolic processes”.

What this means is that your training needs to reflect change as it occurs in your body. The correct program for anyone wanting to build muscle and shred waist lines is one that advances in stages every 4-6 weeks. Stage 1 grows and prepares the body for stage 2, and so on and so forth so that you are constantly growing, adapting and getting stronger with each phase.

In regards to your nutrition it is the exact same measurable process; it is not sustainable (nor enjoyable) to remain on the same diet all year round. As your body grows and adapts so too does its individual needs for nutrients from new sources or higher portions of those you are currently providing it with.

super-compensationGet to the muscular! Muscles adapt to change, but what exactly makes them grow? One process that underpins this adaptation is called super-compensation. Super-compensation is an integral part of your training programs as it provides a solid foundation of performance to measure for future results.

It’s pretty simple, you lift a weight that is challenging and out of your comfort zone! As a result the muscle will over compensate for the stimulus and will grow back bigger and stronger that what is required to lift the previous weight. The next time you exercise you aim to lift heavier again so that the muscle adapts again.

If your current program doesn’t sound like this then FIND A NEW PROGRAM! If it does then stick to it, get into the gym today and smash it! “If we’re not growing, we’re dying” – Anthony Robbins. Adaptation doesn’t occur if we remain still it’s time to GET MOVING GUYS!


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