How to Achieve Your Goals in 2015

time-managementA New Year, A New You… Really??

We have all done it, whether it was this new year or the last, we have make a New Years Resolution and by February have already fallen off track.

Sound familiar? Did you set yourself a New Years Resolution and have been truly sticking to it for the past few weeks?

January has now passed us been and gone, by now work, family life and normal routine has returned to normal for the majority of us. As fitness professionals we often see peoples motivation and commitment levels go through peaks and troughs. The reality is now is when motivation and commitment matters the most.

When setting realistic goals or resolutions we want to achieve, we have to learn to adapt it into our daily life. Whether that simply means doing a 30-minute walk everyday, eating healthy or undergoing a complete body transformation, allocating time and fully committing yourself is the most important thing.

There are a number of ways you can overcome lack of motivation and pump up your daily routine in order to achieve your goals.

  1. maxresdefault (1)Firstly, organise organise organise! I cannot say this enough. Organisation is the key to success. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”  So grab a weekly calendar, sit down every Sunday night and write out your schedule for the week. Add in your meal plans (This also makes shopping easier, cheaper and quicker!), training schedule, and finally your down time. We live in the 21st century where at times things can get so out of control and hectic that life starts flash in front of our eyes, which brings me to the next point.
  2. Time. Time management is so important if you want to be successful, it’s a balancing act we tend to ignore or give up on too easily and find ourselves saying  “I don’t have enough time”. Just remember that everyone on earth has exactly the same amount of time each day, Steve Jobs had 24 hours per day, Richard Branson 24 hours, Arnold Schwarzenegger had 24 hours every day the same as everybody else in the world. How we use this time is what makes the difference. I’m going to be tough here and say that, if you want it badly enough, no matter what it is you must make the time for it. whatever your goal might be make sure that everyday you allocate time that is going to take you closer to your goal. For example you want to lose 10kg of body fat. You need to make sure that twice a week you allocate time to do your food prep for the week, 50 minutes 4 days per week for your training. That’s a total of 6 hours per 168 hours each week and that is guaranteed to get you to your goals. It’s not rocket science guys it’s a simple solution that will make a massive difference in achieving your goals or failing.
  3. images (1)Progress is another epic way to keep motivated. Taking progress pictures and having body fat measurements are an awesome way to realise how much you’re achieving.
  4. There is butt load of motivational videos and quotes on the internet which can be some of the most inspiring things to help you get to where you want to be. Stick a photo of your ‘dream’ body or an outfit that you want to want to fit into on the fridge or in your bedroom so that you’re able to overcome temptation and have a constant reminder of WHY you’re doing the things you’re doing.

Research has proven it takes just 21 days to change and adapt to a new habit. So whatever your goal is write it down, allocate time each week for things that are going to take you closer to your goal, stick it out for the next 3 weeks by which time your body and more importantly your mind will be set to a regular routine.  You will stop hearing that negative voice that tries to sabotage you and fool you into believing that its too hard or you’ll start next week.

Talk is cheap! Get your new routine happening, get motivated and lets achieve your New Years resolutions this year. Don’t let another year pass you by.

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