Most Common Mistake Before Training

The most common mistake we make before we even start!

So many of us perform static stretching before training. When it comes to preparing your body for a rigorous strength and hypertrophy training program it can be a critical mistake to perform static stretches as part of our warm up routine.Cobra_Stretch1

Why? In todays blog I am going to go through the arguments that shows how static stretching is limiting our performance and give you guys a few alternatives exercises to guarantee we prime your body for the epic training session ahead! Basically your body is going be more prepared for your workouts which means you’ll be able to perform better which in is going to fast track your results.

Firstly what is static stretching? Simple, any stretching exercise performed without movement “static”. Static stretches are generally held for prolonged periods of time with the aim of improving both range of movement (ROM) and flexibility. These are noble goals and are an extremely important part of any balanced training routine.

unnamedJust like all other aspects of our training however, correct timing of this technique needs to be used. The correct time for static stretching is in the post-workout and recovery phase of the training session. Studies have shown that performing static stretches before exercise limits the maximal voluntary contraction and torque of the muscles. These are both crucial to a heavy deadlifts, squats and bench press in order to achieve peak performance.

So.. what we do instead you ask? Active Stretching. Active stretching exercises are performed with movement, they are used to increase proprioception in muscles and preparing them for movement. When used correctly in the pre-workout phase, active stretches should resemble the lift or exercise you are about to perform. Active stretches are great for increasing your heart rate, joint stability and core control; all of which are key for top muscular performance.

Lets recap! What are some active stretches to use before training?

imagesTry using the following to prepare yourself for a complete body workout:

  • Alternating lunges
  • Downward dog 
  • Pushup to cobra
  • Alternate leg / arm raise on your hands and knees. (For a more advanced version try performing this movement on your hands and toes)

Implementing active stretching instead substitute for static stretching in your pre-workout preparation will improve your performance by recruiting the right muscles and getting the body ready to move!

Go get it guys!


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