The Best Fat-Loss Supplement You’re Not Taking

get_ripped_01_vssL-Carnitine just maybe one of the best supplements when it comes to a body transformation. Not only does it aid in fat loss and gives you more energy but it has many other awesome benefits. Today you’re going  to learn about L-Carnitine and why it’s going to be like the icing on the cake for your transformation journey.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid compound, that is utilised in transporting fatty acids in the mitochondria to the cells to be broken down and used as metabolic energy. What that means is that carnitne is a transportation system to burn fat. Therefore the more carnitine we have the more fat we can attack.

I like to think of carnitine as the bridge for fat to travel across and be used as energy, the more bridges you have the more fat can be transported. This is a pretty obvious positive when we are looking at getting leaner, but increased fat burning capacity is not the only benefit to this kick arse supplement.

Another benefit of elevating our carnitine levels is that we are able to increase our work load during training.  It will help you to lift more weight and pump out those few extra reps. This is because higher canitine stores in the muscles helps shift the markers of metabolic stress from high intensity exercise. This basically prolongs lactic acid accumulating in the body, which means you can get greater tears in you muscles and also get an increased blood flow to the working muscles.

Cheeseburger-Abs-10The final benefit we will talk about today is the ability L-Carnitine has to enhance recovery time. Obviously by lowering lactic acid levels we will reduce soreness and therefore improve muscle recovery, but supplementing with carnitine also aids recovery by increasing protein synthesis which will help regenerate muscle tissue. This is due to up-regulating androgen receptors that bind with testosterone, put simply this means that carnitine helps put your body in an extremely effective anabolic position. Being in an effective anabolic position basically means that your body will be able increase its muscle mass build-up quicker.

So it is pretty easy to see that L-Carnitine is a very important supplement to be adding into your body transformation arsenal. It will help you metabolise fat, train harder, build muscle quicker and recover faster, sounds pretty good doesn’t it!

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