The Hunger Game

Hunger for most is like an untamed beast. It changes habits all the time, it can never make up its mind and late at night it generally craves something sweet. Eventually over time the only habits this beast follows are the bad ones, which slows down any progress towards a healthy mind and body.

There are a number of different products on the market that try and control hunger, one example is meal replacements. All types of pills, powders and potions that promise the world, and are branded as the cure for all your weight loss issues. They claim to suppress hunger, therefore eliminating the temptation for eating unhealthy foods.

2.27-always-hungry-leptin-resistanceSounds to good to be true right??…

Correct! The major flaw in this approach is that it creates a dependence, you haven’t changed your relationship with food, or balanced your hunger through good nutrition, all you have done is replaced all of that with something artificial that will provide no nutritional value and create havoc amongst your hormones.

So please, please DO NOT get caught up in all of the BS marketing, real progress requires real change and if you implement the basic principals that we teach you guys you will start to bot only regulate your hunger but improve your relationship with food for long term health and well-being as well.

The first step to getting your hunger under control is to make sure you are eating at regular time intervals 3-4 hours apart maximum. Why? Hunger is your body’s alarm system that triggers when energy and nutrients are low. It’s not chocolate ice cream that your body is actually craving, it is the macro-nutrients, the building blocks used to repair and grow that it is actually after. Now this doesn’t mean we want you guys to be demolishing 6 MASSIVE meals a day, instead eat to be full and satisfied to last 3 hours, we have covered the best meals to be having in previous blogs so make sure you read them to guarantee your success.

foodprepSecondly you must improve your relationship with food. When we’re committed to changing our lifestyle and transforming our bodies the last thing we need is negativity. Too often people have poor relationships with food, which they try to solve through fasting, avoidance, and abolishing all the foods they enjoy. This creates a feeling of dissatisfaction and when our will-power is low we will go back to these foods for comfort or knowing we are being ‘naughty’. Clinical studies have shown there is actually no evidence to suggest food itself is addictive. What is addictive is the feeling of reward or happiness we associate with that food. If we can apply the same feeling of reward to your post-workout meals after a wicked training session you are changing your brain’s chemistry and reprogramming your hunger to recognise the change in attitude.

The third step is to be flexible with your diet. Life happens, so be prepared for when times are not ideal and sticking to your nutrition plan has challenges. Preparing food that can be taken ‘on the go’, there is a whole variety of ways to carry meals with you now that are inexpensive and easy. Take-away is no longer an excuse for busy people we all have 24 hours in our day make sure you’re setting aside some time each week to prep your meals for the entire week. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Have an awesome day guys!

The Gorilla Pit Team

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