Top 10 Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold

The seasons are changing here in Australia and that means the common cold is going to get a lot more prevalent during the coming months. Worse even influenza and other dangerous and productivity killing sicknesses are just around the corner and they only require one thing… a weak immune system in a host.

Sickness and feeling ‘under the weather’ is one of the most common reasons people lose focus on their physical training and development and have periods of complete inactivity that can last for weeks and sometimes even months. All that hard work put in over summer fades away as muscle suffers atrophy (muscle loss) and the body becomes deficient in nutrients.

DO NOT fear! We are not going to let you guys fall victim to this ever again! Take action and utilise the tips below to strengthen your immune system, reinforce your resolve and help keep your body transformation on track as everything else around you succumbs to the winter chill.

Here are our top ten tips to help boost your Immune system:

US_exercise_11. Exercise regularly! How simple! According to Sports Medicine professionals regular workouts at or above a moderate intensity improves immune function and a temporary boost in macrophages; the cells that attack harmful bacteria in the body. This level of exercise repeated  on a daily basis adds to a cumulative effect that maintains high immune function over the long term. So get moving!

2. Learn to zone out. We are reminded about stress regularly, how bad it is for your long-term health, killing your productivity and limiting your success. The warnings are just as stressful as stress itself! In a world with constant stimuli and each and every person having to fulfil multiple roles each day, it is no surprise how the common cold can work its way through a workforce like a cyclone. Collectively stress slows immune function which leaves us vulnerable to nature’s bugs. So in this busy world identify a simple strategy that helps you to get off the grid, for a few minutes to an hour a day. Deep breathing, low tempo music and even stretching are all ways we can embrace our inner selves and give our bodies that break to initiate repair and enter a state of calm.

3. Kick the bad habits! While introducing some exciting new changes to your lifestyle that will help your immune system why not ditch some of the bad ones that might be holding you back? Smoking, lack of sleep and poor diet are all prime examples. No surprises there but if it was easy to follow everyone would do it. Start the trend with your friends and family today and make the changes stick. The benefits are endless.

4. Eat Yoghurt. Probiotic containing yoghurt is the ammunition your body needs to defend itself from the winter nasties. Live active cultures of good bacteria are delivered into the body by eating yoghurt so add some in to your daily intake especially if you feel like you are running low.

5. Eat Garlic. Tasty, delicious and fragrant; all things I love about garlic in my cooking. Thstay-healthy-and-drink-green-teae bad breath… not so much but it is much more bearable when on top of all these things garlic also delivers potent punches of allicin into my body. Allicin is an active ingredient, it is alive and lives to fight bacteria and infections. Grab some from nature’s medicine cabinet!

6. Drink Green Tea. Anti-oxidants, hydrating qualities and full of virus fighting interferon. That will surely interferon with winter’s plans on slowing you down… pun intended.

7. Eat beef. Sorry to the vegetarians, carnivores have this one. Zinc deficiency is linked to poor immune function. Eating meat ensures this vital nutrient stays at high levels ready for when the body starts to take a beating.

8. Eat Sweet Potato. Good for the skin and therefore the immune system. If your body is the fortress the area of your skin is the walls. Sweet potato strengthens this protective barrier by supplying it with vitamin A.

9. Mushrooms the funky fungi. Eating mushrooms improves immune function in our bodies. ‘Mushies’ are known to improve production and activity of white blood cells, the hunter killers of infection and disease inside our bodies.

WASHING-HANDS10. Be mindful or your surroundings. Especially in communal environments always take the care to wash your hands and wipe down all contact surfaces. Bacteria and disease requires food, moisture and temperate conditions to grow so ensure food, protein powders and shakers are stored in cool, dry areas. Carrying a small hand sanitiser in your handbag or pocket is a great way of overcoming this.

Yours in health

Coach Harley.

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