Unleashing The Beast – Cam’s Journey to Health: 13kgs Down

Cam’s journey to health continues…

Cam, aged 25, came to us in September 2014 with his weight having blown out of control to 140+ kilograms. Just like many of us, Cam submerged himself in food. He found comfort and peace in it, and by having such a sedentary lifestyle he used to find nothing else to do other than eat, work and sleep.

Cam had decided to loose weight, but like so many didn’t really know what to do. He had tried and failed a tonne of different diets and exercise programs.  So he half heartedly contacted us here at The Gorilla Pit to reach out for some help. From his initial consultation, he was nervous to say the least. However after understanding where Cam was at in regards to health and what he wanted to achieve we were able to draw up a blue print of how to smash those goals. He began to shift his mindset and see what an awesome opportunity this was to change his life.

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The words following are from Cam’s Journal and over the next few weeks he will share the triumphs and challengers of his journey to health. The purpose of this blog is to encourage, inspire and motivate dreamers into action takers….

Week 6

This week was a very mixed week for me. Results wise, training wise and just life wise. I will start with the negative, Negative being work is getting me down and bringing my overall mood and motivation down. I know it shouldn’t affect my life outside of the work place but when I am not happy at work it gets to me. My roster is just shit working so many nights (there not being shared between staff fairly) and my job it’s self is not stimulating in the least, so that is getting me down. Another negative is my bench press/floor press not improving at all, two weeks in a row not only have I not been able to increase the weight I feel like my muscles are failing more quickly. It’s frustrating because I am getting results and increasing weight everywhere else, but that is lagging behind. And final negative is I feel like I am slipping in my mentality while training I don’t feel I am pushing as hard as I can be because I am scared of the pain. This is something I plan to rectify next week but definitely worth mentioning. Now for the positives; This week I did 12 push ups (on the toes) I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier but when I first started I could not do 1 push up. So pretty stoked about that. Another positive is I am increasing weight on my dead lifts squats and rows. And probably something that bought a big smile to my face on Thursday, is I am getting fitter and faster on the Tennis court, I made some fantastic shots this week ones I haven’t been able to do for a while (more time when getting to drop shots) and I wasn’t getting gassed on my serves. I haven’t been able to play singles effectively for years, but I don’t think that is far off.  And finally this is just kind of a shout out to the guys at the Gorilla pit and the atmosphere they create there. Because I work shift work I have to swap between the morning and night classes and even sometimes an earlier night class. I was worried I would be kind of on the outer and be uncomfortable sometimes. But not once have I ever rocked up for a class and felt uncomfortable, judged or even on the outer. In fact I have a chat with at least a few of the guys from every class. Also the fact the guys are understanding and accommodating to a shift worker is a massive plus.

To finish this week I took what I would a call a “during” photo and at first I was so excited you can definitely tell there has been a big loss in weight and for the first couple of days I was stoked. But I started to realise there is such a huge amount to go and I am still really fat despite all my work so far and for a bit it started to overwhelm me I still have about 45kgs to go and started to get really down. And I hate looking in the mirror now because I feel fit and healthy but as soon as I look at myself I remember I am not. To counter this I am trying to focus on my smaller goals again because they feel so much more achievable and just tying to enjoy going to the gym and enjoy the small bits of progress. I did this to myself over a period of time it only makes sense it will take time to fix, it is hard and it is going to take time but I am just going to keep pushing forward.

It’s been a while (Week 10)

Well it has been a while a few weeks have passed and I haven’t written anything. Reading back on my last update I must say it feels very strange. My last update was so negative and even though progress is slow (for my standard) I feel quite positive. The reason I haven’t written anything is because the first weeks writing helped me keep myself in check helped keep me accountable. And it’s not that I don’t need that any more, but I am finding it easy. It’s around the ten week mark now, and I have lost about 13kgs. Now we are doing measurements and not only have I lost fat but I have gained muscle and a fair amount of it. But we will leave that for another time.

I guess it goes without saying I am attending all classes (and loving it) really getting to know the boys now. I have shifted more to the evening class because of work, and had to kind of go through the meet and greet with a bunch of the guys again. But they are all cool. It’s one of the best things about here everyone is so awesome and supportive. Diet is A1 just cruising through. A lot of meat which I love and just experimenting with herbs and spices on my chicken. Not going to lie I do still have tomato sauce on things to help get the veggies down. As far as my updates I will keep them as regular as possible it’s just now there is not as much to write about. But will probably update with positive updates and any challenges that I face and hopefully overcome.

Cam M

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