Unleashing The Beast – Cam’s Journey to Health: 16 Weeks 30kg Down

Cam’s journey to health continues…

Cam, aged 25, came to us in September 2014 with his weight having blown out of control to 140+ kilograms. Just like many of us, Cam submerged himself in food. He found comfort and peace in it, and by having such a sedentary lifestyle he used to find nothing else to do other than eat, work and sleep.

Cam had decided to loose weight, but like so many didn’t really know what to do. He had tried and failed a tonne of different diets and exercise programs.  So he half heartedly contacted us here at The Gorilla Pit to reach out for some help. From his initial consultation, he was nervous to say the least. However after understanding where Cam was at in regards to health and what he wanted to achieve we were able to draw up a blue print of how to smash those goals. He began to shift his mindset and see what an awesome opportunity this was to change his life.

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The words following are from Cam’s Journal and over the next few weeks he will share the triumphs and challengers of his journey to health. The purpose of this blog is to encourage, inspire and motivate dreamers into action takers….


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Christmas time which spells the end of my first 16 weeks (I will be continuing) and the start of the most challenging time of the year for people trying to lose weight. I know over the years when I have tried to lose weight before I have fallen off the bandwagon at Christmas.

First thing first, my results. By the end of my first 16 weeks at The Pit I weighed in at 115 kilograms I had gained 6kgs in lean muscle mass (I think) and I’m sitting at about 27% body fat percentage down from 35%. So that’s a loss of about 24kgs of fat whilst gaining muscle at the same time. I remember when I first started I could not get one push up out. Now I can do 30 in a row comfortably. My arms are stronger, back is stronger my core is still weak but it’s getting stronger and my legs are stronger than ever. The conditioning sessions I still struggle through but I never stop, and I think as you get better the harder they get because you can push harder so it is all relative. So a long way to go but definitely getting there my clothes are now big on me I’m more confident and happy than I have been in years. I have my days where I get down but I think that is all part of the process. The biggest thing I could say to people is go from how you feel not how you look because I feel a million dollars.

For Christmas, my plan was to maintain my eating plan on all days accept Christmas day. And even then I wanted to keep within certain perimeters. That didn’t happen, I had three Christmas days. On the 24th I had Christmas at my mums. On this day I walked into a McDonalds for the first time since starting my weight loss journey. (We left home at 4:00am as we were going from Newcastle to Lithgow) so we had to stop for breakfast. I was pretty happy with my choice I had half of a steak and egg wrap. I wanted a sausage and egg McMuffin like nothing else but I held strong. When I got to mums I went stupid 4 different cold meats, chocolate, potato salad, pasta salad and a bread roll needless to say I was crook as a dog!

Christmas day we spent at Kayla’s dad’s house. I got chocolate for a present and again there was a massive spread. And again I went stupid. And again I was sick ha-ha that taught me

Boxing Day we spent at Kayla’s nans/mums & again a massive spread. This day though I had cold meat and salad wasn’t going to be sick again couldn’t handle it. I can defiantly see why Christmas is such a hard time of year for people trying to lose weight, the social side of eating with the family over Christmas, you realise how much of a social event eating is in modern society.

Exercise for Christmas. The gym was closed from the 24/12 until the 5/1 which really isn’t that long. I knew food would be an issue and I didn’t want exercise to be an issue as well. So every day except 2 I did my own home work out which I came up with. So warm up was star jumps, running starts and plyo lunges. Just 3 sets of  20 then for the main work out push ups, tricep dips, lunges, squats and resistance band bi cep curls I did 3 sets starting at 10 reps and finishing at 30. This was not meant to make me better I just didn’t want to lose what I had gained.

Just a side not I walk into the New Year 35kgs lighter than last year. That feels pretty GOOD!

Cam M

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