Unleashing The Beast – Cam’s Journey to Health: 24 Weeks 45kg Down

Cam’s journey to health continues…

Cam, aged 25, came to us in September 2014 with his weight having blown out of control to 140+ kilograms. Just like many of us, Cam submerged himself in food. He found comfort and peace in it, and by having such a sedentary lifestyle he used to find nothing else to do other than eat, work and sleep.

Cam had decided to loose weight, but like so many didn’t really know what to do. He had tried and failed a tonne of different diets and exercise programs.  So he half heartedly contacted us here at The Gorilla Pit to reach out for some help. From his initial consultation, he was nervous to say the least. However after understanding where Cam was at in regards to health and what he wanted to achieve we were able to draw up a blue print of how to smash those goals. He began to shift his mindset and see what an awesome opportunity this was to change his life.

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The words following are from Cam’s Journal and over the next few weeks he will share the triumphs and challengers of his journey to health. The purpose of this blog is to encourage, inspire and motivate dreamers into action takers….

February 2015

Wake Up Call

Wow! What a week. Had a bit of a wakeup call thanks to a few online videos from Nath, and a constant barrage of positivity from Matty. I have been way to negative, way too hard on myself and just not in a good way. So I am setting myself a seven day challenge each day I am going and list one positive. Just to try and bring a pit more positive energy around my self also getting into a book Gravity Manifestation Program which has been great so far.

It is taking a little while but I am starting to see that being negative in your mind set can be really detrimental to your goals and just your life in general. And when I really think about it, it is probably a big determining factor in why I got so big in the first place! So yeah mentally has been a great week have learnt a lot. The biggest thing as with all things I think is to recognise that 1. It is a problem and 2. That you are being negative because in all honesty I didn’t see myself as a negative person but I am, reading my blog back it is easy to see that. So my action plan to be more positive is to write down a positive every day for a week (probably forever) finishing reading this book and be more proactive in pulling myself up for negative thoughts. And finally writing down my goals and remembering the why! Something I have lost sight of for a while now I want to get that drive back. As soon as I started remembering why I started this journey I felt energised and ready to go. I now have my why where is see it daily!

Sunday Positive: Fit Into an XL Shirt for The First Time

Food For Thought

Last night AFTER DINNER my darling fiancée Kayla had a craving for chocolate and so I tagged along for a trip to woollies. As soon as we walked into woollies the first thing I noticed, the first thing I looked at was chips, and soft drinks. And as we are walking along I am noticing more and more chocolate, biscuit snacks, ice creams, pizzas, pies etc. and it got me thinking how could so much of the store be filled up with these kinds of foods? These are all foods that should be eaten sparingly, yet there is so much of it. And then that got me thinking about Facebook that day. And apparently there is a world Nutella day, and all day all I seen were pictures of chocolate recipes for Nutella (by the way I love Nutella) and it just goes on and on. TV every second commercial is fast food related, driving down the street every second shop it seems is a McDonalds or KFC or cold rock ice cream or a fish and chip shop.

At my work I sit all day and guess what is on the desk? Chocolate! A bowl of chocolate. so I am kind of coming to the conclusion that it is easy to be fat! It really is.

Now I am not making excuses for the state I put myself in, but the combination of cheap and easy access to junk food, the constant confusion surrounding what is “good for you”, the conflicting studies e.g. do macro nutrients matter? Or is it purely calories in calories out? There have been studies done to support both the affirmative and the opposition to this question.

The reason I bring this up is I was so full from dinner but when we went down the street I was overwhelmed with cravings for the shit food I was looking at, really strong cravings, diet has been great for a long time now (minus the small laps over Christmas) and I just can’t believe the control food has on our lives in this day and age. Got me and Kayla talking about how much we actually enjoy foods and the joy it actually brings, the dopamine that is realised when eating comfort foods, And the more you break it down the more confusing food becomes. Just something I thought might be interesting.

The Training

The enjoyment I get from going to the gym is almost silly. I feel so good the days I smash out a hard work out. And this week I swear someone better call the cops, because I killed them workouts. Energy levels were high strength was good and just calming down a bit ha-ha has helped me pick up my form. So yeah going into a new phase tomorrow and back to the morning sessions for a week. Looking forward to it! One thing I think that improved this week was less fluctuation in my energy levels. I don’t know if I have been particularly diligent in my eating but I am assuming my eating has something to do with it. I think I want to get back to doing my food diary’s so I can see what I ate on days when I perform well and compare to what I eat on days where I don’t feel I perform so well.

Our amazing member Craig last week smashed an incredible 95 push-ups out in 60 seconds during our conditioning testing at The Gorilla Pit awesome work Craig keep showing us how it’s done!


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