Unleashing The Beast – Cam’s Journey to Health: 28 Weeks 15% Body Fat Down

Cam’s journey to health continues…

Cam, aged 25, came to us in September 2014 with his weight having blown out of control to 140+ kilograms. Just like many of us, Cam submerged himself in food. He found comfort and peace in it, and by having such a sedentary lifestyle he used to find nothing else to do other than eat, work and sleep.

Cam had decided to loose weight, but like so many didn’t really know what to do. He had tried and failed a tonne of different diets and exercise programs.  So he half heartedly contacted us here at The Gorilla Pit to reach out for some help. From his initial consultation, he was nervous to say the least. However after understanding where Cam was at in regards to health and what he wanted to achieve we were able to draw up a blue print of how to smash those goals. He began to shift his mindset and see what an awesome opportunity this was to change his life.

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The words following are from Cam’s Journal and over the next few weeks he will share the triumphs and challengers of his journey to health. The purpose of this blog is to encourage, inspire and motivate dreamers into action takers….

Holiday Time!! OMG REALLY!

So it’s nearing the end of February, and it has been a pretty superb month. Training has been great. Getting fitter faster and Stronger every day. Have been staying of the scales (accept on my holiday which I will get to) and just trying to live life a little. So a little bit back last month one of my friends asked me to go up to QLD for a holiday. Only a five day get away but been looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I’m looking forward to it because well it’s a holiday, scared because it was my first time taking a week of training and everyone knows what eating on holidays is like.

But QLD was great first day up there went to wet and wild and the very first ride I went to go one had a weight restriction (120kgs) so you had to be weighed. Anyway I’m looking at the guy in front of me and I’m thinking we are about the same size, and if he gets under I will be sweet. He gets on the scale 125 So he gets turned away, eventually leaves after arguing the point which makes my wait that bit more painful, so I get on the scale 104kgs wohooo easily under and have lost a bit since last time on the scales. Not a lot else happened in QLD I trained daily at the hotel using the Bike, Rowing Machine and a few dumb bells. Not exactly what I am used to but happy I still made time to get down there every day. Diet was mixed but I expected that and was happy just not to stress so for example one day I went out to the casino had a schnitzel and salad with gravy and ice cream for dessert. SO breakfast the next day just had a few eggs and a handful of nuts, and a Cesar salad for lunch.

Now for the OMG moment as of today I am 25% body fat! So this means that my measures since I started have dropped 15% body fat so far! I really want to be under that 20% body fat but I still feel good, feeling fit and strong so at the end of the day it’s a positive result. And I think I may have said it before but I think it’s important to go on how you feel, forget the numbers.


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