Want a Peach Perfect Booty? Here’s How..


In part 1 of this blog we are going to be covering the bum basics such as the anatomy of the glutes, common mistakes and what to avoid and training and understanding your glutes.

Now we know that you’re super keen to know exactly what exercises are going to give you that gorgeous behind to die for and that you have been waiting for a program on how to do it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered over the next few weeks you’re going to learn the best selection of glute exercises and a few sample programs and techniques that you can use to get you that ass you’ve been dreaming of. This will be what we cover in the later weeks in part 2 and 3 of this blog. 

But for today let’s focus on the basics and get to know your bum better in the simplest way possible in order to help you get that bootylicious rear quicker.

We hear our female clients going on and on all the time and it is no secret. All women want to have shaped & toned bums or ‘booties’ as I like to call them. They want to fill out their jeans and feel like they have the best booty on the beach. An athletic, toned bum gives confidence and makes you feel confident and sexy.

Over these next 3 blogs we are going to teach you how to achieve your best booty ever. To start achieving our perfect butt we first of all need to cover the 3 reasons why you are not seeing results (which is what we are going through today), then we will tell you the simple and fast solutions to get you guaranteed results. Using these solutions and principles developed over years of coaching and training at The Gorilla Pit we have witnessed some amazing results and created our very own 28 Day Fast Tracked Bootylicious Program. This blog has all the information you need to create your perky butt whilst keeping it peachy as well.


These are the two main muscles in your booty responsible for making that peach perfect shape.

Gluteus MaximusThe largest muscle in the human body.

Origin – Fascia (connective tissue) of the glutes medius (smaller glute muscle). Basically, connected to your erector spinae, ilium (largest part of your pelvis bone), sacrum (base of the spinae), coccyx (tail bone) and sacrotuberal ligaments.

Action – Extension of the femur from the flexed position in the hip joint. When you are coming back up from the squat hole or when you swing your leg backward before you kick a ball.

Gluteus Medius – The smaller gluteal muscle.

Origin – External surface of the ilium between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines. Outer surface of the pelvis

Action – Abduction of the hip and stabilisation of the pelvis. Imagine bringing 1 leg to the side while standing on the other leg. It is also responsible for the medial rotation of the hip. Stand on one leg, bend one leg backwards and turn it outside. That is the medial rotation of the hip.



It’s that feeling that nothing is working out for you. You have read all the articles, all the super foods and training styles at the gym and you are still not seeing results. This can be frustrating but it’s not your fault. All that is missing is understanding the 3 reasons why women have difficulty achieving results in the gym. These three common mistakes make training slow and boring so lets find out what they are and put a stop to them.

1. Your training is not specific to your goal.

2. You have poor mobility and technique.

3. Your training lacks intensity.

Sounds simple on paper doesn’t it? However the truth is if you don’t solve these issues then results will be minimal and you won’t have a beach ready booty in time for summer.



We need to make sure your training is specific to the goals you want. There is no use running on a treadmill for hours on end if your goal isn’t to run a marathon. What you want is to build that butt! Our 28 Day Bootylicious Program is designed specifically for that goal. By following the program 3-5 times per week you will be targeting the specific muscle groups to develop a firm, lean bum. If you are willing to put in the effort you will be rewarded and in 4 weeks by being able to see and feel the difference in your booty you are about to build.


Having poor mobility is a factor which will greatly limit the quality of your training sessions as it restricts movement in your joints and increases your chance of injury. You don’t want to have your training cut short so what specific stretches and movements do you need to complete to increase your mobility? As well as awesome booty building workouts this program includes a range of exercises that will improve your mobility. Perform your mobility workout before every training session and you will look and feel like a new woman.


if you are serious about sporting that athletic bum in 28 days we have some serious sessions ahead. Muscles respond and grow in order to adjust to tension exerted on them by force. If the tension isn’t great enough the muscles do not need to grow in order to adjust to the workload. Your program is going to progressively overload you in 4 short weeks. You should aim to feel tired and spent after every session so your muscles recover leaner and stronger for the next booty blast.

Are you not achieving the results you want? Have you always struggled with your nutrition? Training hard but still not losing that stubborn belly fat?

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  • Yasmine

    April 30, 2016

    I want to have a toned and bigger “booty”, bigger hips and try to gain more weight.

    • Matt MacCabe

      May 12, 2016

      That’s awesome Yasmine!! Make sure to keep following our booty blogs to help achieve your goals!!