Why Your Digestive System is Not as Fast as it Should Be

Simple Way to Help Your Digestion.

The quicker we can digest our food, the more nutrients and energy we are going to receive from every meal. The faster we digest our protein the faster our muscles will recover and grow.

Sounds great right?! So how can we get the most out of our food, without having to consume copious amounts of food so we can avoid putting excess stress on our bodies at the same time.

Digestive weaknesses are as common as white bread amongst most people in modern day society. Unlike our ancestors who followed more nomadic diets, today’s society are spoilt for choice in terms of different foods most with shelf lives that will out last ourselves. The availability of food and the preservatives used to make it last in the cupboard/on the shelf can cause digestive weaknesses. So today we are going to run through some simple tips to avoid this.

First of all we need to recognise when our body is experiencing stress from digestive weakness. Common symptoms are: excessive gas, bloating, persistent headaches (around one hour after eating), burping, reflux or heart burn, chronic hunger, muscle and joint aches, and irregular bowel movements. Does any of this sound familiar? Keep reading and we’ll run through what changes we need to make over the next four-six weeks in order to avoid these issues.

The most common causes of digestive weakness include? Stress. Stress can take many forms, both conscious and unconscious. An upset mind leads to an upset body and without delving too far into the science behind this lets move forward by consciously trying to change our mindset to being positive and working out how we can improve the problem. Another cause for weak digestion is overcooked food. When we overcook food we kill the enzymes that allow us to break down the food and absorb its nutritional qualities.

grilled-rare-steakTherefore we lose the benefits of eating the food it in the first place. There is a science on how to properly cook food, one thing we want to start doing is cooking our red meat less so the meat is as alive as possible. Another simple one is eating too fast! How often do we sit down and inhale our food due to hunger, busy lifestyles and time restraints. This is a HUGE cause of digestive weakness. Make sure you always chew your food and eat slower in order to get the most out of the food you’re eating and aid your digestive system.

So there are a few simple and easy changes we can make to our nutrition and lifestyle to fix some of the causes of digestive weakness and achieve more from our meal time.

Take away points:

  • Most people eat in stressful environments. Find a place and atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your food and eat it slowly.
  • Avoid eating meals in front of the television. Constant stimulation of your eyes takes energy away from the digestive system.
  • A good saying is “drink your food, eat your water”. Chew food and masticate it into a liquid before swallowing it will absorb faster and infuse it with saliva that contains enzymes vital to breakdown. Avoid drinking excessive fluids, small portions of water regularly is better that bigger gulps.
  • Consume lemon or lime juice during a meal; some before, some midway and the rest after. From following this if you experience a decrease in the above symptoms this indicates you may benefit from digestive enzyme support. These are the keys to unlocking the qualities of food.

Train hard, recharge effectively and grow.


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